Ebro Delta

8-ventanal delta

From a nature and wildlife perspective, the Ebro estuary is the most important humid area in the Iberian Mediterranean.

It forms a triangle of some 30Km long and some 25Km wide, in the shape of an arrow. Lagoons of great ecological value can be found at both sides of the Ebro Delta.

Birdlife is of utmost importance in the Ebro Delta and it is in fact a major birdwatching destination and sanctuary — 300 different species are claimed to live within the park. The Ebro estuary has been deemed a “natural park” since 1983 and it has since then been managed to protect and prevent its natural resources and wildlife.

This is why ALFACS is so committed to being sustainable and eco-friendly, as it wants to support and preserve this very unique heritage. Come and visit us and we’ll open a door to a differenr environental experience and adventure!