Carbon Footprint

We fight for the reduction of the carbon footprint, do you want to be part of this?

The carbon footprint is one of the constant struggles that all of us have to face in our daily lives. From remembering to turn off all the lights when we leave home, to not leaving the air conditioning on all night. These little facts, that are so commonplace, sometimes lead us to rethink how much of an impact they leave on our planet.

With the help of the little ones, we do activities that raise awareness of the world in which we live and generate a global vision. Thanks to these experiences, we help them to see a silent reality and how they can contribute in their daily lives.

With the new technologies that we have incorporated to the campsite, we choose to fight against the carbon footprint. For this reason, we have incorporated different energy waste detectors in the air conditioners, rainwater tanks to water the trees of the campsite, washing machines for all our guests, solar panels and more! This way we can know where the problem is and not let the energy be wasted.

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