New Multi-Service Pavilion

New Services – “Leader” Funding

New pavilion with the most modern services, financed by the European Leader project. New showers with cabin, family toilets, space for bicycles, adapted toilets, dishwasher, pet wash, car wash and much more!

We strive to save water… without inconveniencing our customers!

Thanks to new technologies and small daily habits we are able to avoid wasting water in all our daily processes. In order to achieve this in our campsite we reward the good use of our common areas, such as toilets and water access to the plots. We are the first campsites to have a dishwasher for our customers, all water dispensers are push button and our irrigation is drip irrigation and we use the rain that falls on the roofs of the buildings and the tennis courts to water the gardens!

You can book one of our accommodations here and help us contribute to the cause against water waste.